Thursday, June 25, 2009


Landon has vacation bible school this week and one of the fun things they get to do is memorize a Bible verse by Friday and they win a free t-shirt. One wonderful trait my husband has is that he can memorize things really easily, I couldn't help but hope that my kids would inherit this from him. I thought from early on that Landon had, and I think I am right. He pretty much learned the verse, Hebrews 12: 1-2, the first night we went through it a couple of times and by the next night he had it down.

Last night we put the boys to bed and apparently they weren't very tired. Pretty soon we heard them rehearsing the verse and Landon was trying to teach Leyton like I had taught him. SO sweet to hear their little voices, of course I had to grab my video camera. It was dark in there so you can't see them, but it is still a great memory.


Audrey said...

That was SO cute! How great that you caught that moment on video...or should I say audio?? I bet those sweet boys are going to be great with their baby sister. :)

Grandma Pat said...

Beautiful! They are leading us right to heaven with their pure faith.