Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Raffle to support ESWS

Who doesn't love a raffle? Even better when it is a raffle for one of the best baby carriers out there, an Ergo Baby Carrier! My fellow adoptive Mama Kara is holding a raffle on her blog for an Ergo and all proceeds will go to ESWS in Korea. They are the agency we are with as well and could really use the financial support. Take a look


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Care package and some super exciting news!

It is so surreal that tomorrow has been one month since we received a call that has forever changed our lives. So one month down and unfortunately too many more to go. The only thing that really makes me feel like I have some impact on our daughters life right now is by sending care packages. I am SO incredibly grateful that some super sweet Mama's (and Dad's) who will be traveling soon have been nice enough to take care packages over to our little JeIn in S. Korea!

Shopping for a little girl is fun I have to admit and this time around the Grandma's also wanted in on the action so they each got a little outfit for her too!

This adorable outfit is from my MIL. The little skirt is so cute with attached bloomers under it!

My Mom got this for JeIn, tell me she won't look absolutely adorable in this color green!

I couldn't resist that striped outfit (it is like a cozy sweater) when I found it on sale after winter. I thought she would never get to wear it, but now hearing and seeing pictures of how much they layer the babies I figure I may as well send it.

The shirt says "One of a Kind", so true!

Leyton got to pick out all the toys for this package and he did a pretty good job, except he kept picking out the boy colored versions and I kept exchanging them for the pink when he wasn't looking lol! Gotta have a cute hair clip and some Burts Bee's Buttermilk Bath too, love the smell of that stuff!

On to some really awesome news! I think I have mentioned on here before that my older brother and SIL are adopting the most adorable little 6 year old from Ethiopia, well today they found out they passed court and he is officially part of our family (not that he wasn't before, in our minds anyhow)! Hoping they will be on a plane to Africa at the end of June, can't wait to meet him in person!