Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sign, message, coincidence

However you choose to spin it, we have been hit with TONS of messages that this is the route we are to take and this is the path to continue our family. This is just one example...

We have been reading a book to Landon each night before bed, 101 Questions Children Ask about God. We decided a few days ago to officially send in the paperwork and get things started and that night I sat down with Landon to read him a couple of the sections in this book. I think the bible verse speaks for itself, but it couldn't help but solidify our decision that night and gave us a chuckle that yes we are listening and are hearing his words loud and clear!

We stand before him covered with his love. His plan has always been to adopt us into his own family.
(Ephesians 1:4-5)

5 year olds like to talk!

Well we should have known better then to think our 5 year old son wouldn't spill our news. As to why he told my parents we are adopting "it is so special, and when there is something special you tell people". What can you say to that, lol! Such a wise boy :) Apparently our news will be shared a tad bit sooner than we had planned.

Off it goes!

Dan left early this morning so he could stop by the post office and send out our application. We are hoping it will get there tomorrow or Friday and then we will officially be on the waiting list for our new addition. I wonder if they will call and let me know they recieved it right away? It will be hard not to call and ask, oh this is going to be a long 2 years! The Social Worker assigned to us should be calling within the week to set up our first appointment.

I feel like I am back in Grad school typing papers!

15 pages of life history later the application and self study is ready to be mailed, along with a family picture and a check for the initial fee (as Dan said the first of many, lol). I was told today that we would be looking at a wait of 1 1/2 to 2 years for a referral and then another 3-4 months wait for travel after we accept the referral. The wait will be a bit longer because we will be requesting a GIRL (having 2 boys at home allows us to request gender). It is so hard to imagine waiting that long, but I know that timewise it may be perfect for our family. Landon and Leyton will both be in school (at least part time) which would give me more one on one time the baby may need for the extra initial bonding. It also gives us that much longer to save money, which was actually a relief to Dan :)

The Application

Let the paperwork begin. What a rush of excitement as we finally start filling out the application. After thinking about whether this is the right decision for our family daily for the last 4 months at least I am SO excited to begin this journey to meeting our next child :) Now to get it done and to get Dan to finish his portion so we can get it in the mail ASAP!