Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Life has been BUSY, somehow 9 months waiting just passed right along and I missed posting this. Not the cutest 9 is it? Wow 9 months, if you would have asked me 9 months ago I never would have dreamed we would be this close to finding out who our daughter is! We found out this week that we are number TWO on the waiting list, we are shocked! Should I start walking around with the phone glued to my hand yet? I feel like there were a million things I wanted to do before we got this close and have done maybe a couple, yikes!

Landon has been asking me lately if we have moved closer on the list and it was so fun to tell him the good news. He is SO excited, and Leyton too, he has started telling people at random that he is getting a baby sister and her name is Sadie, and she is coming from Korea (which he says SO cute)!

I wonder how many more of these waiting for referral posts I will make? It would be really fun to start making waiting for Sadie to come home monthly posts!



Jen said...

It really won't be long now. We got our referral right after we found out we were #2 on the list for a girl, so it could be sooner than you think!

rbrum said...

Love the updates!

Katie said...

Megan, you are getting so close! Just like Jen, we were told we were #2 on the list and we got the call (you know that story though!!!). I cannot wait to hear about your referral and I love the updates.