Monday, January 18, 2010

Leyton turns 4

My baby turned 4 in December. He has grown so much this last year and become quite the little man. He is a sweet, sensitive and adorable little 4 year old! I am one lucky mom with these 2 kiddos :)

These pictures are from his actual Birthday. Landon was off to school and Daddy was off to work so it was just him and I for the day. He helped me bake a cake, and what would be the fun of baking a cake without licking the batter off the beaters! His absolute favorite food is mac & cheese (as you can tell from the picture), had to get TJ's mac and cheese for his special lunch (he could eat that stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we let him). Once Daddy and Landon got home he opened his presents from us (the buzz lightyear wings and the recycling truck, I am sure there were a few other things).

Hands down the best gift was EDDY from Pororo! I was SO excited to win Eddy from Kris at Life in the Hammer Home It was SO hard for me to wait until his birthday to give it to him but I knew he would really love it because he can't get enough of Pororo. As you can see it was a hit and he was quickly trying to break him into life at our house by trying to get him to ride in his Diego truck lol! Thanks again Kris!

The family birthday was farm themed, how cute is my little niece as a pig :)



Kara said...

So cute! Looks like you all had a great time!

Christine said...

Leyton is such a cutie! Happy belated birthday to him!