Wednesday, January 27, 2010

December 2009

Here is a quick recap of December 2009 in our house, with pictures of course!

If the boys could have had it their way this would have been our Christmas card this year. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a dinosaur on a skateboard, don't you agree?

It just wouldn't be Christmas if there wasn't something to stay up late putting together would it! (Dan got the lucky job of assembling the lego farm set) My SIL painted our train table as part of Leyton's gift into a field pattern.

Christmas morning, Leyton was still half asleep (we actually had to wake him up, don't plan on that happening every year lol)

Landon's face on this one just cracks me up, it looks like a sleepy, hmm did Santa come look.

This was after Leyton opened up the gift Landon got for him, Landon looks thrilled with this hug :)

TWINS! We couldn't resist getting this case for Landon

Last but not least we couldn't resist this t-shirt (Landon got the Kimchee Delivery one) from Tea Collection's Korean line. I have my eye on 2 more shirts for the boys, love those newer Dragon ones!



Audrey said...

Your boys are so cute!!! It looks like you had a great Christmas! :)

Grace said...

i love the matching fire truck pj's... i bought some matching ones for timothy and joel for next winter. =) looking at your photos makes me excited to have 2 little boys soon!

Christine said...

Looks like a fun December at your house! The boys were so cute in their matching pjs, and I of course love the Tea collection stuff. The train table turned farm table was so cute, too--clever idea!

Kris said...

Great pictures! Your boys are so cute. Their idea of a Christmas card with a dino is pretty awesome. And I love the field scene on the train table.

Kara said...

Looks like a great December, and love the matching pajamas. The Tea collection has certainly gotten enought promotion in blog land! I can't wait for ours to come!

sue said...

i think next Christmas there will be a lot more pink at your house! cute pictures!