Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We hit the 11 month mark!

Well actually we are well past the 11 month mark and are almost to our 1 year wait, crazy! In some ways it feels so much longer than almost a year and in some ways it feels like it has flown by. Not much to report, the girl referrals have come to a screeching halt since MAY so I am not even going to render a guess on what our future holds, I have come to the peace that our path will be just that and it will happen when and how it is supposed to.

We did receive our I-171H in the mail this week, which means we are now officially approved to adopt and have no more paperwork to do at this stage. Once we receive our referral is a whole different story. It is such a relief to have all of it done and approved though, such a big step!



Christine said...

You're getting closer! Maybe there will be a huge batch of referrals coming soon...glad that you've found peace with the waiting, though. That's so important!

Anonymous said...

i can feel some baby girl referrals coming in soon! come on referrals!

Audrey said...

Congrats on the I-171H! It really does feel like it's time for that girl list to start moving... come on referrals!!!