Thursday, April 30, 2009

Leyton's New Morning Ritual

Like I have previously mentioned 3 is such a funny age! Leyton's new morning routine certainly doesn't disappoint getting Mommy to chuckle. He is VERY picky lately about what he wears, first it was the shirt with the rhino on it, then it was Thomas and now as you will see it is the helicopter shirt.

So the other day after I helped him put on his helicopter shirt he said to me "hang on a minute" and walked out of the room into the bathroom. I was so curious to see what he was doing but didn't want to interrupt him. A second later I heard him climb up onto his stool and say "Yep, I AM handsome"! So stinkin funny this kiddo!

So the next day I was ready with my camera to catch the action in case he would do it again. Sure enough after I helped him change he waltzed into the bathroom, hopped onto the stool and said "Yep, I AM handsome" (In case anyone was wondering yes that is THE helicopter shirt and yes it was day #2, but hey I learned early on in my parenting that you must pick your battles and this shirt was still within the realm of reasonably clean and that was one battle I really didn't feel like facing so early in the morning)

*Excuse the poor quality pics, there are no windows in this bathroom and I took the pic through the mirror so didn't want to use a flash.


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