Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's That Time Again!

Yep, 8 months gone by waiting for our little girly now! What a busy insane month we have had. We certainly packed it in, I wanted to be done with the paper chasing by the end of April. Busy month but we fit it all in!

In the last month we have...
* had our last joint interview at our agency
* taken 2 online classes on adoption each
* all four of us have had physicals for the adoption on three separate dates mind you (and school for the boys, woohoo check that one off my summer to do list)
* had our TB tests done in the neighboring county because our county only does it for 2 hours on Mondays, odd. We knew we were going to be cutting it very close to our time to have them checked 3 days later but thought we would be fine. With 2 minutes to spare we sprinted in there (and we were both fine in case you were wondering lol)
* lastly we just had our Homevisit (this is where the Social Worker comes out the home, makes sure you have the space for an added little one, that the home is safe etc..) Landon stayed home from school that morning so she could meet both kids while she was here. The boys love having company and this was no exception, they got out random toys they just had to show her and told her how excited they were to be getting a little sister from Korea. Leyton was too cute, when she asked him if he knew where S. Korea was he ran and got our globe :)

Funny how those loud toys that never seem to get played with just happened to find their way out that day. She insisted it was ok, but as the noise got louder and LOUDER, the only thing I could focus on was "seriously boys you have to pick NOW to get out the hammer toy", all while smiling and nodding and not hearing a single word she was saying lol. I think after a few side glances to Dan (you know the ones, the unspoken dear PLEASE do something ones in those situations where you can't say it out loud lol) he went over and led them to a much quieter toy that would keep them entertained so we could hear at least a little of what she was explaining to us.

With all that said we are pretty much to the point of just waiting now. We have one more set of fingerprints we are waiting to hear back on for the time and date, but other then that we are all set to go :)

There have been no girl referrals in April (there are 2 days left though so I can still hope to move on up), but there have been quite a few little boy referrals. Some of my fellow Lifelink waiters have received referrals for their little boys recently and oh my are they CUTE, I am so happy for them and look forward to watching their stories unfold!