Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our New Addition!

Not what you think :) After telling the boys (all 3) that we could get a dog for a year we took the plunge. We found out from friends of ours that 2 pregnant dogs were left at a foreclosed home that happened to be just right down road from us. When the new owners came to the house they found the dogs and luckily were animal lovers and took care of the dogs and their puppies when they were born, VERY generous people because I think there ended up being 13 or so puppies between them :O This litter is a lab/golden mix and since they are both notorious for being so good with kids we couldn't resist! Our friends ended up adopting one of the boys and named him Elvis and Landon thought for sure it had to have a name that goes with it since they are brothers. Dan suggested Presley and it stuck. So meet the newest member of our family 7 week old Presley!

Leyton is not quite sure yet

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Cori said...

Oh man, he is a cutie puppy!